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Tonys Show –11-19-2019

Tonys Show –11-19-2019

November 20, 2019


Tonys Show 11-19-2019


Altrnative to the alternatives data site


Videos with alternatives to the alternatives


Data On Nano


Nano Assembly Vids


Aroy Mak channel


Bions--Family of biometric Minerals -Organic complexes derivide from biological fluids


Chemical Bass of interactions between engineered Nanoparticles biological systems


AI hive mind control grid


Sugar on the brain


Elon Musk causing a traffic jam in the sky


Morphological transformation of multi walled carbon nano tubes


Neurolink is expanding unbeknownst to everyone


Fundamentals on nano and a really good expose on how it works what it does and how it poisons---memory lane why did they show batman and robin and the bad guys they fought  what were they really showing? game shows --mkultra programming?? and how those program are still in effect today--seducing everyone

in what ever direction keeping everyone as a collective and entrapped a slaves

seeing this tech and how what and why and how it functions--the seduction and reduction and programmed---the need to evaluate or re evaluate everything ---the need to substantiate and validate everything so as not to be entrapped with assumptions

Govt of canada is bigotted creates segregation as a result of planned program as a result of the programming in canada people accepted this segregation as a norm rather then be outraged ---the hypocracy of the govt saying if you say things can be construed a hate speech yet they are promoting this as a result confederation is dissolving---what is really going on with the Don Cherry incident and the right of free speech is now being taken away and rights that are taken for granted are going to be privileges later if people do not see how the media is again manipulating the general population to give up there rights of free speech---test all things hold fast to what is good...more



Tony s show 11-17-2019

Tony s show 11-17-2019

November 18, 2019


Tonys Show 11-17-2019


 Alternative to the alternative information on health


Video and answers of alternatives




Photos and Images of nanointegration and devastation


Aroymaks channel


Biopersistent fiber-induced inflammation and carcinogenesis --Carbon nano material


3 d printer upgrades and material usage at one time


Trudeau Government Support FORCED Sterilization While Flooding Canada With 3rd World Migrants

Plant nanobionics

Cloning of artificial DNA nanostructures

Photons in a Artificial magnetic field

Man sues Apple claiming iPhone turned him gay

 China and 6G

 China blaming Hong Kong on issues --things to come to our way of life

 Chilean Protest to use lasers to bring down drones

Mothers in india concerned about there babies dying due to pollution

The Jones Plantation

Toxokinetics of nanoparticles

Nanoparticle Pharmacokinetics and Toxicokinetics

weather modification negative impact on food supply

Black Plague---another Cluster_)(*&*!! released from a lab

Pharmaceutical nightmare in the environment

Argentina's govt betrays People with vaccination laws denying them there rights and turning there rights to privileges--if they jump the hoops

Nano Silver More data on the toxicity in the digestive System  --healthfood industry shills sell this as health product

Carbon mwnt materials cause genotoxicity

More side effects on carbon mwcnt on the pulmonary

 will limit my commentary tonight due to the nature of the many links --pay attention  to the jones plantation and understand the nature of how we are losing not only cultural identity in canada and throughout may parts of the commonwealth( common poverty) but also the sterilization on going to the indigenious as well as to those who are of european decent

pay also attention to argentina -chile-hongkong and the dismantling of canada and the collapse of the confederation

pay attention to the carbon nanomaterial so you do not get duped into buying a carbon supplement

 look at nano silver another hijacking by an industry selling what is supposed to be a health product but is the opposite

to understand the nature of the food supply being poisoned pay attention to nanobionics---connect the dots


Tony s show 11-14-2019

Tony s show 11-14-2019

November 14, 2019

Tonys Show 11-13-2019


Alternative to the alternatives


Video of alternative to the alternative


Byran396 on Nano Data

 Visuals on nano data

 Aroymak Channel

 Air Pollution causes Brain Cancer and damage

 NANO detox on another site

 Protest in Hong Kong

 Canada as we knew it does not exist

 Free speech in canada Gone charter means nothing

 5G??/  over we are now 6 g and going down

 creating your own GMO baby

 Holographic Brain

 AI evolution

chemtrials negative effect on environment and food

 Micro robots flowing through you monitoring 

what did they know in 1889 that vaccines did not do anything and increase outbreaks

 Jesus Statue in Poland a weapon??

 Moloch statue of child sacrifice ( which is still on going today ) being displayed where martys are buried my how far the Vatican has fallen

 connecting global entities

 the Death of Europe a must see for those of european decent and or european


full pack show with a multiple topic base---clear cut indicators on how much we are up against--being a realist-- survivivng and a remnant got through--not going easy or surrender---they made alot of mistakes the entities that have afflicted--my generation were defiant made that way and we thought everything was BS then and I still think it is BS---God having a sense of humour---being integrated to assist each other were we are lacking---european interview on europe dying--surrendering--they are given up--population growth globally is under 2 except for a few countries

and reason why people are not having  babies  are not what they are saying---bringing a child into a shithole  ---all the reasons what I really see that people are not having babies --new term nano bio programming--assembly of nano integration into the developing fetus--shit and the use of it in regard to birthing--govt stealing everything anytime makes a cent the govt consumes a penny total slavery--understanding why people are the way they are ---understanding things differently from my youth---losing the right of free speech and everyone overlooking this--- personal  rights and freedoms are going to be privilege in the near future--chip taking away the rights ---discrimination as a result of the cheap--Don cherry controversy is showing how freedom of speech has been lost


Tonys Show Nov 12-2019

Tonys Show Nov 12-2019

November 11, 2019

Tonys show 11 12 2019


Vids on the Alternatives that can offer solutions

 alternative to the alternative 

 Data on nano dangers expose and exposure

 Aroyomak Channel

 Gallery on nano exposure and poisoning

 The AI virtual controlled Planet

 Truth about birth rates in the world---they are down

 The concepts or a parallel universe

 Weaponized Street Lights

 Weather Modification on agricultural

 Cytotoxicity of suspended nano particles in surfecants

 Mini cheetahs bots playing

 Intelligent Micro bots

 Tetanus vaccine breaks down Key Phospholipid protection

 Creating your own GMO baby

 Building the first holographic Brain


Some one mocking me --a millenial dumbass---plastering  me all over here site and people actually go more to the site  free promotion---thank him for putting  this out there I found an answer ---turn ups not trolls-- the medium of sites that propagate these people to be  aggitating---do not be alarmed---nature of people seeing the negative--- not going to reach everyone but those that do gain and see things they never knew existed--AI is the cintrol of the planet --quantum computing is going to exponentially make the AI  million times faster-- and everything about us is going to change in ways and means of what those changes are going to occur ---another site further elaboratng  and validating what has been said on the network--brain hacking through AI  -- no control any more AI  doing things autonomously---Fringe sci fi dealing with an observer and then seeing the end results of integrating the neurol link that cause the brain integration and take over of the brain--the freq hiittng everyone and seeing the outward of a bill board and behind is the freq activating the brain




Tonys Show 11-8-2019

Tonys Show 11-8-2019

November 8, 2019

Tonys show 11- 8- 2019


Alternatives to the alternative

 Tutorials and skill sets in alternatives

 bryan396 data and info on nano

 bryan306 Gallery of data

 The end of canada

 NANO particles integrating forming new materials

 I Robot you Slave

 Bible passage in Luke

 Egypt assaulted

 Airforce using Solar energy beams

 light based tractor beam assembles NANO

 another brothel buying a sexbot

 social programs through skynet

 blue light exposure accelerates aging  topical exposure

Aroymak Channel


answering questions on aroymaks channel --man bashing and the concepts of the man subjugation---ghetto thinking and how things go--liberal minded entities who interferred with our evolution with more tethers---understanding we are a people which should have this mutual respect--- turn the other cheek ---going both ways --and men dealing with women who are antagonistic and demeaning---just cut them loose ---Ruth and the king--not being adverseral and did more for her people---superiority and attitude walk away---mans approach in being a singularity---laws of the land causing the hardships for men in relationships---marriage  is now just association --this way no loss to assets---marriage should wait til they are 70 this way you can combine the pensions an rely on each other--men have been castrated in the usa and canada the systemic breaking down of men ---the new world order systemic take over and men weakening the men of the world so it is an easier take over---entities hiding among people  in the crossfire hiding like wolves in sheep clothing--global experimenting with people with mind control People who believe in  God need to be on there guard with people coming in with BS dogma or ideologies-misguiding there congregations to suicide is not God--hierarchies advocating this let them lead the way--not stay back where they are in there comforts feeding of the wealth of the men or women they set off to war





Tonys Show 11-4-2019

Tonys Show 11-4-2019

November 5, 2019


Tonys Show 11-4-2019

 Herbsplusbeadworks he visual alternative and solutions you can make

 more alternative data you can read and see 

 Audio info  on what is current and beneficial in the struggle to sustain health in todays times

 Nano Assembly videos by bryan 396

 aroymak channel

 Nanotech Research

 Canadian screw job

 Carbon nano toxic data -More info on the levels of toxicity of nanobio tech

 Pig Virus anyone new and improved ---Lab made

 More data on virus transfer from pig to people

 agenda 2030 ---take over and control of any evolution to contain it

 Money fraud and how it enslaves us to a mythos of what wealth is

 Carbon Nanotubes and there toxicity

 Nanoprobes monitoring neural activity  --maybe why you feel that crawly itching feeling

 making money selling  Peoples organs ---negotiating a childs organs

 Bioprinting living cells in 3 d printing---the star trek transporter but the implcations of weaponizing is huge

 living skin can now be bioprinted

 Carbon nanotube toxicty in surfecants

 High cholesterol tied to longer life

 Cholesterol upload  what I take twice a day --1 raw egg -2 oz of brandy --I add cq 10 powder 1 gram -bht  powder 1 gram-vitamn A powder 1 gram lipase powder 1 gram  Savoury essential oil 1-2 drops rosemary essential oil 1-2 drops marjoram essential oil 1-2 drops  almond extrat 3 -4 drops nutmeg essenial oil 1-2 drops and may add a coffee extract ( optional) and vanilla extract ( optionals)  and cream 35% ( clean no additives ) 2 oz --blend together  till semi solid 20-30 secondsconsume I do this twice a day before bed and when I awake

 USA land of the free take over

 the agenda and delivery method of infections --comic format mute the orator and just follow the threads willalarm you what the matrix is revealing

 China's mind control Program  -- so it is not just  a weapon being exploited in restricted areas its global

 Chemtrailing Egypt  and egypts news media reporting it --unfortunately I have no english translation but recieved this from friend of mine from that country and he was amazed they reported and responded to the assault on there air space

messages we see and we are not aware  and the messages are so pertinent to what is going and see he threads and look at what is is being displayed on virus transfer that can now be done with frequency--3 d printing of Biology and dna --egyptian media pointing chemtrails recognizing an assault of aerosoling there country--the fantasy illusion way of existing in canada and usa ---we are not living in a cozy reality cuddling us to death ---seeing reality as it is and showing the reality---guru authoritive narrative that has no value or substance----the game of the guru health--keeping people in a state of illusion believing in BS---follow the themes and not the entertainment will see what is going on --- No one has enough money---constant state of broke


Tonys Show 10-31-2019

Tonys Show 10-31-2019

October 31, 2019

Tonys Show 10-31-2019 Alternatives to the Alternatives  Show and Tell on alternative to the alternatives Data on Nano and developments regarding health hazards  Nano Assembly  appearance on a benefit will link or integrate more into a AI network  welll now it is verified chipping through vaccines

Indicating more and more the accelerated aging of nano exposure   now you know why there is No cure for respiratory issues ---because you are constantly reloading  the damaging effect of nanoparticles  Epsom salt saves babies brains Burying studies to further mislead people til they forget these happened Elon Musk on AI  makes you wonder what is in your syringe  Assessing the true study on zebra fish and toxicity on nano in many dimensions  Expandable material with some shocks sex robot that breathes  Gay gene App not credible  defining what it means to have free will  Aroy Mak's new Vid


The fun is about to begin

define free will---some think it is the right  to choose or have a choice---Chili is going to define free will --we need to understand what the parameter of free will is

 what we have perceived as a free will has not been anything more then an experiment which was planned in the 50s and 60s was enacted---have we had free will the answer is no more like thought control

how do you determine what you like people you entangle with  colour preferance   food preferance in a study you have made a controlled choice

free will as an example to grow things to market without having to deal with in licensing that would be a free will and choice not a regulatory one---entering  into Techno Nano AI world - will be subject to a Technocracy AI controlled --spirituality is also a determined program that is being presented as a ideology--Matrix is a lie from day one---we crossed into this realm and been programmed different trueisms and fell int a beliefs and concepts-- vedic guru  came by did a show to collect funds similar to the TV evangelicals all a show--what is spiritual?-- everything you perceive as holy and spiritual and other concepts are as well control mechanisms-miracles are an experience to display there is something more then this realm this is to show there is something else can come from dark places where it can keep you from evolving as wll--the state evolutionary stages in the program---free will will be based on technocracy--corporacy  is running the planet now the AI system is going to replace this--AI is going to be in control--NO one controls Ai NO body



Tony s Show 10-29-2019

Tony s Show 10-29-2019

October 29, 2019

Tonys Show 10-28-2019   New Robot Makes Soldiers Obsolete (Bosstown Dynamics) a devaiation in movies about how machins are going to be better at war and will rebel  see the town BOSSTOWN not boston  Herbsplusbeadwork channel where you just might find out what you are looking for in regard to solutions  alternative to the alternatives  Bryan 396 data and research  Nano assembly videos from bryan 396  exoskeleton brain hook up  Bryan 396 insights and connections with mind control and Nanobiotech  Paradise lost---a validation to what bryan 396 and Myself have been saying for over 10 years  Rebooting your gut  Voting Hack  Onion Power  Onion Anti inflammatory Biometrics and tracking with a rfid  throw away military hardware  Epsom salt saves the day for babies


having a look at the current lablelling and seeing the changes and the synthesizing ---remember this word---artificial and natural flavour aborted baby--Synthetic meat- how do you interpret--cow farts and cow shit is now dangerous--new form of meat environmentally friendly---artificial meat is what you may think but t would not be accurate---it is a consolidation of different materials to make something else---B1 synthesizing is a means an extraction from something else with the assistance of other things---synthetic does not necessarily means artificial---what if the meat they are talking about synthesizing ---what if they are aborted babies--being synthesized to form meat---anti meat conspiracy--this is for those who are die hard meat eaters---cows are the most environmentally friendly animals out there--synhesizing meat where are the proteins coming from---not from cows--- Soy is not a meat ---more things change the more they stay the same ---30 years ago they came out with tofu hot dogs -burgers and tofu meats that were not meat--where are the proteins coming from---soy is toxic to the core---contamination with technology--pea protein similar to soy with its poisonings--the volume you would require to use these plants to synthesize would not be realistic---soo whats left ---People---markets in other countries  are already selling foetuses-- and we are already using aborted babies as flavouring agents

anti life ---anti life equation-why is it that the foods they touch with genetics  made more foods and healthier  then after the modified---genetically engineering a food to reduce it s mass production corn and wheat are prime examples--understanding that the things are being made dysfunctionality---thre is a shortage and what you maybe seeing today may not be there tomorrow- validate what is being said



Tonys Show 10-26-2019

Tonys Show 10-26-2019

October 27, 2019

Tonys Show 10-26-2019 alternative to the alternative  Bryans Data on NANO and its devasting impact to Life More alternatives to the alternatives and a means to defend and restore   Bryans nano Pictorials so you can see

Agenda 2030  broken down   NANO Assembly   how it networks inside of you  Archetype the future of melding men and machines  transferring brain into robotank bodies  16sec mark 10: 19 min mark gemini man 49 sec mark clone   why voting is a sham  AI Judge Quantum Supremacy    DARPA picks teams for Virtual Air Combat Competition   Milk Impact on children and why they need MILK

The most important concern about the utility of pristine carbon nanotubes in biomedical and biological applications is their extreme inherent hydrophobicity and molecular dispersibility in aqueous environment. They have affinity to form large agglomerates (bundles of individual nanotubes formed due to vander Waalinteraction) which can block blood vessels, therefore could be disastrous [28].However, different functionalisation mechanisms have been employed to modify the surface of CNTs to overcome their hydrophobicity and molecular dispersibility. Functionalisation with different molecules is achieved by adsorption, electrostatic interaction or covalent bonding of different functional group to render them hydrophilic. Even though surface modifications improve their solubility and changes their biocompatibility, it is still difficult at the moment to overcome all the negatives of CNTs like continuous production of structurally and chemically reproducible CNTs with consistently similar 21characteristics with minimal amount of contamination (impurities in the form of minerals).These are the areas where complete details about their limitations need to be addressed to find out a feasible solution to remove them for safe and secure applications of CNTs.

3.1 Toxic effects of CNTs

The toxic effects of CNTs arise mainly because of their extremely small size,larger surface area and intrinsic toxicity of the surface. Nanoparticles up to 100nm in dimensions are potentially toxic and main target of their toxicity are lungs.The main concern about the toxicity of CNT is that they can escape from their site of deposition; hence they can redistribute [29]. They can even escape from the normal phagocytic defences and can modify/alter the structure of proteins,carbohydrates, lipids and even nucleic acids. Therefore CNTs can trigger inflammatory and immunological responses, besides affecting normal tissue function. CNTs due to their nanoscale dimensions can be dreadful under extreme exposure. The toxic effects on biological systems can be difficult to locate and to control them would be a big challenge in the long run. Extremely large surface area of CNTs makes them susceptible to bundling and aggregation in aqueous solution, consequently leading to a disorder. However in vitro studies have shown covalent modification of SWCNT with phenyl sulphonic acid or phenylcarboxylic acid produced less toxicity as compared to pristine SWCNT stabilisedwith a surfactant (1% aqueous solution of pluronic acid).[29] Experiments have shown that cytotoxicity of CNT can be considerably reduced by covalent modification ( functionalize side walls of pristine SWCNT). Intrinsic toxicity of the CNT does not depend only on the surface functionalisation and nature of functional groups. Sometimes pristine CNTs during their manufacture also contain some metallic particles like Fe, Cu, Ni, S, and Mo as impurities, besides

22amorphous carbon which can be the additional source of toxicity in pristine CNTs[30].Donaldson et al.

 has shown that the structural properties like fibre shape, length and level of aggregation can also contribute to their local deposition in respiratory and the immunogenic response after CNTs enter the body [31]. Vast experimental studies are required to clearly understand the mechanism of metabolism,degradation, clearance and bioaccumulation of CNTs to draw a clear picture with comprehensive details about their limitations.The most well-known of these studies, conducted by investigators at the NASA Johnson Space Centre, Wyle Laboratories in Houston, and The University of Texas Medical School at Houston, showed that inhaled carbon nanotubes could induce tumour-like growths in the lungs of mice, and found that carbon nanotubes could damage cells by triggering proteins involved in responding to oxidativestress [32

 starting off with interaction of people and research and the whereabouts where everyone is at  different time intervals and a theme of some kind of evolution of not just waking up  but catching up and the sharing of ths and the networking  and what everyone is looking at from nano genetic damage the freq the war on mankind--and now are asking question why have we been violated who's responsible----the military industrial complex who has the access and resource--why do we believe NASA? --- because we have been programmed to think nasa was special---moon launch  with a tin can  and documentation on how they went to the moon and then lost the documents-who would believe this--showing sci fi cgi

is about all they are going to do to convince people the fairy tales ---outside of the portal  would there not be an invasion--of alien or demonic forces--distractions of distractions---elections are another distractions---getting past the distractions and really look at a reality check and see what is really there is an illusion---vaccine hoax--and the illusion of the vaccines-looking at the contaminants and the contents ---no one looks at these ingredients and willingly follow this without questioning the content--and then the children--the lie of the 40 year past vaccines--Vaccines are pure BS--now we are being inducted with the lifi 5g and 5g bluebeam ---still buy the toys  that make deadly noise---AI activated toys they sell






Tonys show 10-23-2019

Tonys show 10-23-2019

October 23, 2019

Tonys Show 10-23-2019


HerbsPusbeadworks  Youtube Channel ---alternative oi the alternative


Nano Assembly


Bryan 396


AI UNIVERSITY in Saudi  Arabia


How Long til Robots rule the world


Toxic Metals in Vape


Targetted Individuals Exposing the electronic harassment


PEMF at a cellular Level


Toxicology NanoParticles

Targetted individuals  theme I get contacted from and showing how and what goes on in the head---the activity starts to increase in your mind ---music -audios-events-a movie TV shows and assortment of stress or fears anxiety --a montage of activity all at once---he more advanced you get in your understanding of the truth and gain the concepts of what is going on  this is a result of the assault due to stop you from evolving--first wave Movie indicating about test subjects as a result of there manipulations how 39/40 sucumbed and one didn't as a result of angr and Love ---love will cause you to be more then normal as a result of your connection to whom or what it is you love and if something destroys what you love or threaten then you will be more protective and defending--AI does not know what that is but it sill study it causing a reaction as a result of access and studying--Love causes us to be more Godly and AI does not comprehend this and AI is not something that can be controlled and it initiates the assaults and test---multi waved hit of different access and programs-maybe a result of higher awareness and as a result you are doing building and evolving that you never would have thought of---Psalms has a verse showing our dna template and when you are dealing with a Ai system accessing you and your past or present environments and causing you trauma as a result of the manipulations and machinations and reading your chemistry and understand what is the cause of that specific stimuli---you must be defiant as a result and knowing what it is and realizing this knowing it is going on and seeing it and taking the initative to be distant

calls from ohio and exchanging insight on things--isolation is the biggest cause of the anxiety  and uncertainties and a suggestion for a counsil to assist legitimacy